SM Quattro
Datalogger and Alarm

The SM QUATTRO microprocessor-based datalogger with 4 fully sealed plug-in PT100 platinum film sensors uses the novel approach of a paperless logging and filing system, which allows the data of any day in its history to be read and examined with just a few key presses.
The large graphics LCD display communicates the information to the user with clarity, making programming and setting up friendly and uncomplicated, without compromising its sophistication and digital accuracy.

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  • Paperless datalogger with automatic filing by date.
  • 50-year clock/calendar for datalogger filing.
  • The temperature from each Channel is sampled every 15 minutes and stored to a reusable 2.5 year internal databank. '
  • Percentage of internal databank used' indication in bar graph and digital form.
  • 'Internal databank 98% full' indication to transfer contents to appropriate media.
  • Temperature range: +50C / -50C Standard (Extended range available).
  • Power Supply 220 - 240v ac Mains.
  • Contents of internal databank can be transferred directly to the PC using the MASTERLINK Software or via a MASTERLINK 2.0 Hardware module to a PC at a remote site.
  • IP 55 sealed enclosure.
  • Complies with EU EMC 89/336/EEC directive

Alarm Functions

  • 2-Stage high and low level alarms with mute and reset facilities,
  • Stage 1 temperature threshold with trigger delay.
  • Stage 2 limit temperature with immediate trigger. Status window for system fault indication. Diagnostics screen revealing system parameters.
  • Alarm history record for low alarm, high alarm and power fail.
  • Alarm relay for external device.
  • Battery back-up for power-fail operation.
  • 2-Stage high and low level alarms with mute and reset facilities.           E-mail